FAQ – How to buy & sell drones

Does Laughing Drones Sell Drones?

No. We are an advertising platform like Alibaba or Craigslist.

How Can I Buy Drones Here?

Please contact the seller directly. Every ad has a contact form on the right side.


How Can I Bump My Ad Up To The Top?

Log in to your dashboard, and click on the little green arrow beside your ad. This will instantly bump it up to the top of the first page!

How can I embed my video in my ad?

Easy. Just insert your video URL in the “Video URL” field. (“Embed code” not needed, JUST the URL). Once the ad is published, the video ITSELF will appear inside the ad. (Only YouTube & Vimeo videos are accepted).

Why is the price missing on some of the drones for sale ads?

Many of our advertisers are Chinese wholesale drone suppliers, shipping the drones directly from the drone factory in China. In this case, the price is NOT fixed; It depends on the quantity of drones you are buying. If you are a bulk buyer, looking to buy drones wholesale, please contact the advertiser directly via the contact form on the side of the ad. Once you inform the supplier what your quantity is, the supplier will get back to you with the exact cost, including the cost of shipping.

Buy Drones Wholesale China Direct

Buying drones directly from the factories & wholesale suppliers in China has never been cheaper, easier or faster! How to buy drones wholesale? When buying drones in bulk, price depends on the quantity. Contact the supplier via the contact form to the side of each ad, and let the supplier know how many drones exactly you want to buy. Save your money. Buy factory direct.