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If you are looking to buy or sell NEW drones & quadcopters, think of this site as “The Free Alibaba for Drones”.

If you are looking to buy or sell USED quadcopters & drones, think of this site as a “free Craigslist for drones”.

Laughing Drones is a professional premium global trading platform for UAVs, quadcopters & drones. Laughing Drones is a one of kind, unique, free advertising drones trading platform & quadcopters classified ads site:

Our drones, multirotors & quadcopters directory listings (advertising) are FREE.

Our drones classified ads are free for EVERYONE; In addition to exporters, manufacturers, trading companies, retailers, wholesalers & suppliers, PRIVATE sellers are also welcome to advertise, as well as varies small businesses offering drone related services like aerial photography, inspection, trade shows etc.

Used drones & quadcopters are welcome here, not only new multirotors, multicopters, quadcopters & drones.

What does all this mean?

It means that Laughing Drones is the best and also the LARGEST multirotors, quadcopters & drones classifieds site! Any possible service or product, new, custom or used, related to drones & quadcopters can be advertised and found here.

If you are thinking DRONES think Laughing Drones! On our site, every drone is a Laughing Drone!

After being in the rc toys business, manufacturing, importing, exporting, distributing, wholesaling and retailing rc toys for 25 years, I am now retired.

I live in a quiet, small apartment facing the ocean, and enjoy a good quality of life.

There is just one problem: I used to work like a machine, for years, 24/7/365. Once you stop working, life becomes a little boring.

I am one of the most experienced Int’l trade operators in the world, and also just happen to be a SEO & webmaster.

This website is something I do purely for FUN, as a HOBBY, while I relax and look at my breath taking ocean view.

I am not as big as Alibaba, just one person at home, working on my kitchen table with my laptop, having tons of fun, and meeting a lot of nice people online.

The road to success seems to always be under construction. Keep walking.


I started Laughing Drones as a hobby. But as the site is growing and gaining more traffic and more influence, I find I have to work more and more to maintain it, it is now looking a lot like a full time job!

Would you like to…help?

If you have any comments or suggestions that could make Laughing Drones a better site….Please….Let me know: laughingdrones@gmail.com

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